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The GT3 is the pinnacle of sportscar. Lightweight carbon fiber combined with superior handling and naturally aspirated power is unparalleled perfection on a modern road-legal supercar. The GT3Belts kit abides by this ethos. Materials are lightweight and utlizing the highest quality OEM materials. With the addition of our RS edition kits, weight is further reduced, lower than factory weight to further enhance driving excellence.

two plus two

Some ask why? We say, Why Not? Go ahead. Take your 911 GT3 on the spirited weekend drive with your plus 2. No minivan. No babysitter. No guilt leaving one behind. The GT3Belts kit is your answer to driving pleasure even with an extra passenger or two. Share with others the pure driving experience of a Porsche 911 GT.


Built to withstand high lateral G-forces experienced in performance driving. The GT3Belts kit utilizes OEM seatbelt retractors and belt buckles. Supplemental hardware surpass the tensile strength of OEM standards. Exclusively for 991 and 992 GT3, GT3RS, GT2, ST, and Dakar applications.


OEM quality materials, hardware, and tools make the kit completely bespoke and reversible. The GT3Belts kit can be installed by a professional or an experienced weekend mechanic in as little as 3 hours.


Elevated OEM quality. Every component of the GT3Belts kit look and feel as if it was manufactured at the factory in Stuttgart.

rest easy

Global safety. The GT3Belts kit with our proprietary hardware meets all OEM global compliance safety standards.